legislative_district or nonlegislative_district

Use the appropriate call for the districts that you like returned in the response. If you are unsure of how a district type is classified, you may use the district_type call for free, and look at the is_legislative attribute.

Attribution Requirements for Nonlegislative Data

Australian Census boundaries are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Australia License. Material that has not been modified or transformed must be cited using “Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics” or “Source: ABS”. Derivative material, such as modifications to text, deriving new statistics, calculating percentage changes, or creating graphs or charts must be attributed using “Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data” or “Based on ABS data”.

Australian watershed boundaries are developed by Australian National University (ANU) and obtained through Geoscience Australia. Licensing is under Creative Commons Attribution Australia License. ANU has tried to make the information in this product as accurate as possible. However, it does not guarantee that the information is totally accurate or complete. Therefore you should not solely rely on this information when making a commercial decision. Users should also consider the scale and limitations of the source data on which it is based. The database is suitable for application at regional to continental scale. Finer scale data should be obtained for local scale analyses and assessment.

Canadian census and watershed boundaries are adapted from Statistics Canada. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada of Cicero Web Services. Boundaries are reproduced and distributed on an “as is” basis with the permission of Statistics Canada. Use is subject to the Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreement.

Using the API

class cicero.webservice.models.District(*args, **kwargs)

Object containing information about a district.

Arguments allowed in query:


Attempting to obtain current and future districts in the same legislative_district call will result in a 400 error. Please use a separate call to get redistricting information.


ALL_REDISTRICTED can be used to get all of the new legislative districts. Please note that once a new district goes into effect, it will be changed to the current district type (for example, LOCAL_REDISTRICTED would become LOCAL).


Calls to the nonlegislative_district endpoint must include one and only one key/value pair for district type (Ex.: type=SCHOOL). Attempting to obtain results for more than one district type on the nonlegislative_district call will result in a 400 error. Please use a separate call for each district type.


U.S. Census tracts may include a single alpha character suffix reflecting a boundary change or added feature (e.g. 3001A and 3001B).


The primary key for the current record.


The surrogate key for the current record. For more information on using the surrogate key, read about historical queries.


Datetime string indicating when the record was last updated.


Used in historical queries.


Used in historical queries.


The name_short value for the related district. See the DistrictType documentation page for more information.

subtype = None
A subset of district_type
CENSUS subtypes
SCHOOL subtypes
WATERSHED subtypes
district_id = None

The District ID (usually a number) of the district, if applicable.

The District ID is specific to the type of district. For example, it may indicate a police precinct, U.S. Census GEOID, or a city ward.

city = None

The local municipality that the District represents, if applicable.

state = None

The subnational geography (such as a state or province) that the District represents, coded using ISO 3166-2 suffix.

country = None

The country that the District represents (as a string), if applicable.

label = None

Text associated with a district_id, such as the position or group identifier for an at-large office, label for the district (e.g. “Ward”), or a full label for the district (e.g. “Sealaska Alaska Native Regional Corporation”).

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